Water care

Everything for clean and safe bathing!

You can only enjoy if you are sure that your water is okay. With these products, we help you to achieve this.

Good bathing water is very important.

Start with measuring. To measure is to know!!

After measuring are you aware of the condition of the water. Start on upgrading of the pH value as the bath to the desired temperature. This is followed by the add chlorine disinfectant (usually chlorine), only 12 hours after the pH value work. Always follow the instructions on the package or the included user manual!

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  • Aqua Finesse Package
    Aqua Finesse Package

    Chlorine-free water treatment. Aquafinesse all in 1 whirlpool package. The easiest way to keep your whirlpool crisp and clean.

    € 129,00
  • Metal Magic - Bottle 1 liter
    Metal Magic - Bottle 1 liter

    Metal Magic

    € 47,95
  • Aqua Finesse Spa Clean Tablet
    Aqua Finesse Spa Clean Tablet

    Spa Clean Tablet. Aquafinesse Spa Clean from cleans your spa thoroughly from the inside out! Environmentally friendly and removes phlegm, grime and calcium from your spa, the pipes and equipment.

    € 16,50
  • Water test set
    Water test set

    Water test set for the determination of chlorine and pH. Much more accurate than the well known test strips. Just as fast and a 10 x better measurement.

    € 13,50
  • Refill chlorine/pH test tablets
    Refill chlorine/pH test tablets

    Refill free chlorine test tablets (DPD1) + Refill pH test tablets. 4 strips of 10 tablets test for free chlorine determination. 4 strips of 10 test tablets for pH determination. In combination with our water test set.

    € 9,55
  • -27%

    Chlorine tracker.
    Chlorine tracker.

    Chlorine tracker large or small. Adjustable tracker for optimal distribution of the chlorine. Use only tablets in the tracker.

    € 11,00 € 8,00

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